New Otome Titles for 2020, Excuse my Enthusiasm

Since the PS Vita was officially killed last year, rest in peace dear beloved hand held console, otome fans have been waiting to see which console otome game developers and localizers would jump to next. For years the Vita has served the otome community well as it’s the perfect place for niche Japanese titles, but it’s time to move on to bigger and better things… the Nintendo Switch! *queue excited squeals*

At Anime Expo this year, Aksys Games revealed some new upcoming Nintendo Switch otome game localizations. They answered our prayers with not just one localization announcement, but with six!

Aksys is the primary source for Otomate and Idea Factory localizations in the west. These Japanese developers produce, for lack of better term, triple-A titles within the genre, and some of these titles have become classics for us in the west like Hakuoki and Code: Realize. So… this is pretty freaking big news!

New Otome Games Coming to the Switch

  • Code: Realize ~Guardians or Rebirth~ [2019]
  • Code: Realize ~Future Blessings~ [2020] *fandisc*
  • Collar x Malice [2020]
  • Collar x Malice: Unlimited [2020] *new title* *fandisc*
  • Café Enchanté [2020] *new title*
  • Piofiore [2020] *new title*
Collar x Malice and Collar x Malice: Unlimited! Yes, I bought the Japanese Limited Edition of Unlimited even though I can’t actually play it… ?

True only half of the list is new titles we haven’t seen before on the PS Vita, but I’m happy that the titles they have chosen to port are well loved ones that otome fans will get to experience if they haven’t already. Also, one of the new titles is Collar x Malice: Unlimited!? My most anticipated new release otome game? I get to see more of my problematic favorite, Okazaki Kei?! *more squeals incoming* We have truly been blessed.

Collar x Malice: Unlimited is the first fandisc for the series, and the events in this game take place after the original game. It’s not really a sequel to the original, but more of a series of stories to keep the fans excited and invested in the characters they already love. There is a reason they’re called fandiscs after all, and I cannot wait to pick this up! In fact… I may have picked up a Japanese copy when the game originally came out… but I can’t play it yet… because my Japanese is not at a particularly high level *cough* nonexistent *cough* Anyway, moving on…

As far as the new titles go, which aren’t already part of a series like Collar x Malice, I’m most intrigued by Café Enchanté. It’s a new title which has yet to even be released in Japan. All we know is that it follows our female protagonist who inherits her grandfather’s café but then discovers that none of its patrons are human. The love interests look colorful and fun, which is honestly a good way to describe the general vibe I get from this game as a whole. It looks colorful, fun, and count me in as far as anything café and food themed.

Piofiore on the other hand… troubles me a little bit. This game has already been released in Japan, and it’s gotten a ton of buzz. The premise, see below, is interesting and the art looks fantastic! Mafia story? Count me in! However, I’ve heard there is a ton of let’s just say yandere tendancies as far as the love interests and romance in this story goes. I know yandere routes are a hot topic, and I don’t mind the occasional yandere route. A whole game of them, though? It puts a bad taste in my mouth. I’ll likely still play this, but a word of caution if yandere is not your thing. If it is your thing, first off no judgement here, and you’re probably in for a treat!

My Nintendo Switch is READY for the otome games coming our way soon! ? ?

All the secrets are sleeping in that town.

The time is the beginning of the 20th Century. The setting takes place right after the First World War in the South Italian town of “Burlone”. The ones who rule this city are three organizations called the Burlone Mafia. The protagonist “Liliana” lived peacefully in Burlone, but starting from a certain incident she is taken in by one of the organizations.

Why is she being targeted? Why is she wanted?

Visual Novel Database: Piofiore no Banshou

I secretly hoped developers would move to the Switch instead of PC or even PS4 since visual novels and otome games work so well on handheld, portable consoles. I was also crossing my fingers and hoping that the death of the PS Vita did not also mean the death of otome games, particularly otome game localizations. It is a pretty niche market after all.

I’m so glad my fears were silly and that Aksys Games pulled through! They always do, to be honest, and continue to localize some of my all time favorite titles. What titles are you most looking forward to? How do you feel about otome games jumping to the Switch?

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