Video Game Pre-Orders and What I’m Currently Playing

I know I’m technically supposed to be working on the games I note in my resolutions post before moving on to others, but it doesn’t hurt to mix things up every now and again. Right? I’ve recently bought, pre-ordered, and started playing a few new games. Today I’m going to talk about them!

I’ll often pre-order releases I’m highly anticipating. Sometimes these releases are games I want to dig into right away. Other times they are niche titles that I fear will either quickly go out of print or my local video game store won’t get any in stock at all. For all other games, I tend to wait until I can snag a good deal. Sometimes that deal is digital, but for the most part I enjoy having a physical game collection.


  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel I, II, and III [PS4]: This is a series of JRPGs which are being re-released in the USA in essentially definitive versions. I’ve not played a Legend of Heroes game before, but people always recommend them when you’re looking for deep world-building and a lengthy JRPG you can really sink your teeth into. The first and second game are already in my possession, but the third and final game comes out later this year. I keep itching to start these games, but I’m trying to show some restraint and finish Persona 4 Golden first…
  • Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland [Nintendo Switch]: This is one of the games I decided to pre-order because I knew I would play it one day, and I knew that as a niche game this might be harder to find in the future. I’ve been playing Atelier games on my PS3 and PS4, but it will be nice to play them on a portable device. Lulua is the 4th game in the Atelier Arland sub-series. I haven’t played previous Arland games, but I plan to pick them up via the Switch bundle after getting through the Dusk series.
  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses [Nintendo Switch]: I’ve been a fan of Fire Emblem games since Awakening, so of course I was going to pick up this beauty. I’ve been so hyped for this one since it looks gorgeous! I’m not normally one for strategy RPGs, but I make an exception for this beauty.

As for currently playing games. I’m still playing Persona 4 Golden as my main resolutions game right now. I took some times off work last month and ended up getting a decent number of hours in so I might be about two-thirds through? I’ve certainly broken the 50 hour mark! As expected, I’m loving it, but I want to take a short break and pick up some other titles. The titles below are thankfully ones I can dip in and out of without feeling like I have to binge my way through and finish them so to speak.

Hakuoki, a game I have bought multiple times… yet still play on the PS3.

Currently Playing

  • Monster Hunter World [PC]: The Steam Summer Sale is currently going on, and we all know that means out wallets are in danger. I haven’t jumped on anything yet, but there are a few visual novels which I’m considering picking up. As for MHW, this was gifted to me by my wonderful significant other. I’ve got a birthday coming up, and he’s been trying to get me to play this game with him for a long time. I’m only a little ways into it, but it’s pretty fun so far. I never thought this game would be for me since it seems pretty difficult, but boy do I like swinging around a switch axe.
  • Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinsengumi [PS3]: I usually always have at least one Otome game going at a time, and I’m so freaking close to finishing all of the routes in this one! It’s a bit of an old school title, but I actually love it for that. I’d like to platinum this one eventually, but it’s certainly not a priority.

Have you pre-ordered any games recently? What are you playing right now?

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