Gaming Resolutions for 2019, Better Late than Never

In 2019, I made some pretty big changes to my gaming collection. I finally bought a PS4, something I had been telling myself to do for years. A few months later, I also purchased a PS3 and by that time had amassed a sizeable backlog of games for both consoles. Prior to purchasing these consoles, I had been a strictly PC and handheld gamer. To be fair, the PSVita is still one of if not my favorite console of all time (fight me). I’m even affectionately referred to as “that one PSVita customer” at my local video game store. So, I have some familiarity with PS exclusives, but the more I dig into the PS4 and PS3’s libraries, the more games I find myself interested in playing. Games I didn’t even know existed?

In an effort to have the best gaming year I can and explore more PS4 and PS3 games, I’m setting a list of “resolutions” for myself. This isn’t a list to take super seriously, but more of a guideline to remind myself how I want to be spending my time (not mindlessly scrolling on Twitter and Instagram). I also know this “resolutions post” is coming about halfway through the year, but so it goes. The “resolutions” still count!

[1] Complete an Atelier Trilogy: Dusk

In January, I dove head first into the Atelier series with Atelier Ayesha: the Alchemist of Dusk. It’s the first game in the Dusk trilogy and was released on the PS3 in in the USA in 2013. I had previously briefly played Atelier Sophie, but something about it wasn’t clicking with me. I wanted to try a different trilogy because I had a feeling this series was going to be one of my new favorites.

I wasn’t wrong. The combination of charming artwork, adorable protagonist, silly character interactions, story telling with a hint of a darkness amidst the fluff, a soundtrack I keep coming back to, and a crafting system that is both simple yet complex was everything I was looking for and more.

Gust puts out, at minimum, one Atelier title per year. This year Lulua and Nelke are being released (and now Ryza has been announced!?). I’d like to play them all sooner rather than later. However, Nelke has a bunch of previous Atelier protagonists who show up throughout the course of the game, and Lulua is Rorona’s daughter which means I need to play the Arland series first.

I’ve already started the Dusk trilogy, so it makes sense to see this one through before jumping into anything else. I’m not sure what else I’ll have time for in 2019, but I think I’ll try to play the updated Arland trilogy on the Nintendo Switch if I have any remaining time!

[2] Work on my Backlog: Persona 4 Golden

2018 was the year of Persona 5 for me. What a game, what a game. I came out of that experience itching for more games in this style. Turn-based combat, life-sim, a touch of a dating sim, silly character interactions, and an art direction oozing with color and style? Sign. Me. Up. Then sign me up again!

I’ve already started playing Persona 4 Golden, and I’m hooked. I don’t love the characters quite as much as P5, and some of them actively infuriate me *cough* Yosuke *cough* Regardless, I’ve already sunk over 35 hours into this experience, and I can’t wait to finish it up!

[3] Platinum a Game: Collar X Malice or Persona 5 Dancing in Starlight

Back when I started writing this blog post, I really wanted a shiny platinum trophy on my PSN account, perhaps multiple?! CxM and P5: Dancing in Starlight seemed to be the easiest picks for achieving that, and I wasn’t wrong. Earlier this year I completed the platinum trophy for P5: Dancing in Starlight, and as a lover of rhythm games that was such a satisfying experience. I really want to work towards another platinum since it helps you truly get the most fun out of a game you already love. However…

My interest in getting another platinum in 2019 has waned. I would like to revisit CxM when I’m missing it rather than forcing myself to complete it. It’s my favorite otome game, and in a way I want to treasure the platinum experience instead of forcing myself into it. Once I do return to it, getting a platinum shouldn’t be too hard since I’ve already completed all of the routes, but we’ll see. For now, I’m calling this achievement unlocked!

[4] Bioware: Complete all of the Dragon Age Games

I love the Dragon Age series. Dragon Age: Inquisition is one of my all time favorite games. Seriously. I have such a connection to it and its characters. I love other Bioware games too like the Mass Effect series, but there is nothing quite like Dragon Age for me.

Back in 2015 after I finished DA:I, I jumped into Dragon Age: Origins. It’s been a number of years, and I still hadn’t finished that game… until earlier this year. What an experience. I didn’t expect it to leave me feeling so emotionally heartbroken, but it did. My ending wasn’t great, but somehow it fit so beautifully. I love how Bioware can do that with video games, and I think DA:O was even better than DA:I. I still love DA:I more. Don’t get me wrong, but as a game Origins really blows it out of the park.

Now that I’ve set aside DA:O, I’m jumping headfirst into Dragon Age 2. I have… thoughts. I am romancing Fenris though so I’ve prepared myself for swooning galore.

And that’s that! I had another resolution originally planned, but getting through 6 games is a lot for me personally. Especially this year considering I’ve got a lot on my plate. But what’s the fun of resolutions if there isn’t a little trepidation concerning if you’ll actually achieve them or not?

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  1. I would recommend the Dark Souls series if you’re looking for some PS4 games! The first game was released on the Switch recently, and I have really been ejoying it. It’s an RPG game similar to Dragon Age. I’ve wanted to try Persona 5, but I don’t have a PS4. I’m thinking about getting one when the Star Wars game comes out in the fall, would you also recommend Persona 5? I never was into RPGs outside of Pokemon when I was younger, but I’m really getting into them now!

    1. My brother really loves the Dark Souls series! I’m hesitant to play it since the games have such a reputation for being difficult. May be one day once I’ve dug through my backlog a bit. I didn’t realize they had been ported to the Switch though which is AWESOME. As for Persona 5, I really adore the game.

      It’s got a pretty fun turn-based combat system, some “monster collecting” and “evolving” mechanics not unlike Pokemon, a fun story with fun characters, lots of style, good music, and a a life sim portion which is actually pretty enjoyable. It’s a difficult game to recommend if you’re mostly coming from the western RPG side of things since I don’t know what to compare it to, but it’s a phenomenal game that I 10/10 recommend if it intrigues you. May be watch a let’s play for the first 15-30 minutes or so to see if it intrigues you enough?

  2. Just discovered that you have a blog! I’ve been following nearly every one of your youtube channel and I’ve been missing your recommendation.

    I’m so glad you finally finished and enjoyed Dragon Age Origins! I love that game so much and I’ve played and loved most Bioware games (except Andromeda). Dragon Age 2 took me a while to get through because the mission area and side mission felt really boring to me.

    I just bought a PSVita earlier this year (5 years too late) and I’ve been playing Code Realize and Collar x Malice on it. Although I also enjoy Code Realize, I fell in love with Collar x Malice and I seriously can’t stop playing. Do you have any other otome game recommendation on the PSVita and PC?

    Also, do you play other non-otome visual novel like Steins;Gate or Clannad? I highly recommend playing them if you haven’t!

    1. Oh my, that fills my heart with just joy to hear!! To be honest, I’ve missed my original InkBonesBooks channel dearly, but I just feel like I don’t fit in in that space anymore. This blog seemed like a more fun and subtle way for me to get my feelings out.

      Yessssss! DA:O is finished! Which is your favorite DA game? Favorite Bioware game? I still haven’t finished Andromeda, actually. I think I should remedy hat at some point, but may be not this year? Are you ever going to play it? I’m about halfway through DA:2 right now, and it’s fun when I’m IN it, but I find myself not really wanting to pick it up. I don’t love the characters as much as the other DA games either, apart from like Fenris. Who are your favorite DA characters?

      PSVita YAS! I adore that console so, so much. My PSVita otome recommendations are: Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds and Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms (it’s a 2 part game and essentially the definitive version. I recommend playing the routes all the way through from the first game to the next instead of playing one game in its entirety and then the next.), Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly (it’s got less romance but is a fantastic visual novel and it really ruined me), and Norn9 (this one has a wack story, but the romance is fluffy and fun and there are so many routes! I also like how there are 3 different female protagonists in this one).

      PC otome games recommendations (all available on Steam): Cinderella Phenomenon (free and so freaking good), Amnesia (a classic and Kent will always be best boy), Hustle Cat (ok so this isn’t a Japanese otome game, but it’s got the same premise and it’s really freaking cute but very short!).

      I also 10/10 recommend checking out the Otome Games Subreddit because I get most of my recs from there!

      1. Although I love Origins dearly, Inquisition is my favourite DA game! I love wandering around in the world and I love how it plays, but I mostly love the characters! I’m a Cullen girl, but I love most of the characters in Inquisition. My favourite character besides Cullen is Morrigan and Alistair from Origins, Varric and Solas (Even though I’m not romancing him, that betrayal hurts my heart!

        It’s really hard to pick just one Bioware games since I love them all, but some of my favourites are the Mass Effect trilogy (can’t pick just one), Neverwinter Nights (since it’s my first Bioware game but I love the storyline as well), Inquisition, and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (really memorable characters, but the graphics are a bit dated now.

        I actually have finished Andromeda, and what I’m saying is I didn’t love it ?? I find it such a chore to get through and even now after completing it 100% I have a hard time remembering any of the characters. Mass Effect characters used to be such a standout that I remember them all, so this is such a disappointment. The environment itself is also not interesting to explore, and comparing it to another semi open world bioware game like inquisition only made it much worse in comparison!

        I think Dragon Age 2 is still worth playing, especially if you replay Inquisition after it. I did like the progression of time of every chapter, but I agree with you, the characters are not as memorable as the other bioware games (although still much better than Andromeda).

        Thank you for the otome recommendation! I actually have both Hakuoki game on steam, I will definitely try playing it after I finished Collar x Malice! Have seen Psychedelica around but never sure of it because of the screenshot but I’ll definitely try to find it on vita! Is Ashen Hawk the sequel to Black Butterfly? I have never even heard of Norn9 and that sounds really good! I will definitely try it!

        Cinderella Phenomenon sounds really good! (And free) I actually have Amnesia on my steam library but never got around to playing it. Hustle Cat sounds good and I need a break between otome games since we all know otome games are a commitment!

        PS: sorry if I posted double comment, it shows an error the first time I tried posting a comment so I don’t know if my first comment got through!

        1. DAI is my favorite DA game as well! I just finished DA2, so I feel like I can finally say that. I’m actually considering starting a new game with my DAO and DA2 saves from the keep now that I’ve got everything finally loaded on to there for my “canon” playthrough. DA4 is going to come out eventually, so I would love to import a new DAI file into there. Cullen is pretty adorable so I don’t blame you on him being a favorite. I tend to go for the angsty elf characters! My faves are Solas, Cole, Cass, Dorian, Fenris, Zevran, Wynne, Shale, Morrigan, and may be Merril? I love the whole cast so much that it is difficult to choose! DA2 is my least favorite of the trilogy, but I still really enjoyed it at the end of the day. Gameplay-wise there is a LOT of frustrating stuff in it, but it’s still pretty fun in the grand scheme of things. I thought the story was pretty good all considering!

          I’ve only played the ME and DA games so I can’t comment on Bioware’s other stuff, but it all sounds fun!

          I got through 50 hours of Andromeda and then just never came back to it. I want to at some point, but the whole clearing of the planets was so tedious and boring after a while. I just wanted to rush through it.

          YES to all of those otome titles! Ashen Hawke is a sequel I think as it is part of the series, but I don’t believe it follows the same characters. I haven’t played that one since I haven’t completed all of the “routes” for Psychedelica. Amnesia was my first otome game, so I’m partial to it for that reason. It’s one that has so many decisions so it’s actually difficult to get a perfect ending on the first try. I actually wish more otome games were like that. It’s also a game that has totally different routes for each character. There isn’t a common route really, so you get more “game” so to speak.

          No worries about the double comment. I fixed it!

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